Corporate video productions is what we specialise in. We use broadcast quality equipment and edit on Final Cut Pro.

Welcome to Two Fresh, the leading UK corporate video production company, with a vast range of different options to suit the needs of any corporate client. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with a video, we can use our insight and experience to create the best results for your business.

We take on your project with enthusiasm from pillar to post, starting with the acorn of an idea and growing it into a mighty oak that will make your company stand out for all the right reasons.

Our existing UK client list is both long and prestigious, featuring the leading names from a wide range of industries, all of whom have come to Two Fresh asking for the same thing – a corporate video that gets their message to their customers in a way which will make them want to know more.


Although we’ll put our record side-by-side with anyone else’s, it’s important to bear in mind that our process isn’t all about what we do. Without collaboration, there can be no success and we’ll consult with you to make sure that the video we make reflects the values of your company and appeals to your target demographic. After all, we know video, but no-one knows your customer better than you do.

So, when you come to us, we’ll start by asking what you want to tell people, and more importantly, what you want to show them. If you have ideas, we’ll take them on board, but it’s fine if you don’t — we’ve got plenty of creativity to go around and will have a few ideas to share.

We’ll storyboard those ideas, develop them into full concepts and make the video that you want people to see.

We’ll ensure the tone is exactly what you’re looking for: we’ve made corporate videos in the past that have been informational, emotional, quirky, funny, and persuasive. We’ll consult with you at every step to make sure that your project is right on track all the way to the finish.

The finished project will reinforce your brand identity– or redefine it, if that’s what you want.

You see, every company has its story to tell. In your business, it’s a story that you know inside-out. Whether you’re relating that story to a new public, or reinforcing it to your existing client base, we can help you. We don’t just make the video, we help you deploy it for maximum effect.

To speak with us and get more details about your upcoming project, call us now on 0203 330 0984.